Korea and back

I want to write in detail about the trip, I need to talk about what I experienced but my brother in law and family are here and there is simply NO TIME

The Asian Choir Games were cancelled. (Yes, Jackie.. ) We woke up to our first morning in Korea and got the bad news. 14 confirmed cases of H1N1 from the previous even, World Choir Games… so the local government decided to cancel. We were/ ARE sooo disappointed! All that rehearsing and fundraising in vain. Couldn’t there have been another way to deal with it? soo frustrating!!!

Melody and I

BUT we are a group who love to travel at least some of us) And we  travelled. I have a friend in the choir who loves to go off on his own so we left the group a couple of times, took out our map and used local buses. Was brilliant. I’ve got loads of great photos. We also visited temples and malls as a group, although I tried to avoid the malls as much as possible. Same same…

So now i’m back in Chiang Mai with new friends!!  Nothing bonds as much as sleepless nights in the airport, on a bus and visiting a foreign country 🙂 . Especially a big thanx to  the gang who was at Mr. Seas place in Seoul. love you na !! you are lovely na 🙂

I’ll be writing more.. just bare with me

Oh and a BIG thanx to Vic for fixing my blog!! You’re the best.

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