First day at school

Finally school has began. Summer break was long and lovely! But this last week, I just wanted my kids to go back to school. I need space, I need time for myself. Tomorrow they will be out of  the house early, which means, getting up early. That part sucks.. but once I’m up , it will be nice!

Wow.. we belong to the ”old” ones at the german school. (My daughter is in 9th grade) and still, we still belong to the ”young” parents. The average age ( of the dads at lesat)  is.. I’d better be careful what I write here or I”ll get even more shot down…but its old! I know, I know I’ll shut up.

ps… one more thing.. how can those parents send their 1st graders to boarding school???? ITS WRONG !! DON’T DO IT. I want to shake the parents, yell at them and tell them to stop peaching the good news and start taking care of their kids. Sending them to a boarding school is NOT taking care of them!!

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