First week at school review

Wow.. what a week. School started again and we finally got their schedule… .. chaotic ! My kids are out at 3 different times, one of the teachers is at a seminar so there was a daily change in the schedule! Honestly, you’d think they could plan better! Isn’t it the same EVERY year??  How come other International Schools manage to have all their kids out at the same time?

Sorry, I have to whine and you don’t have to read this…

Its probably just me.cos  firstly my husband doesn’t teach at school so he can never bring the kids home, or unlike alot of other parents, I’m NOT retired and I still dream of getting a regular job which is looking very bleak at the moment. Also, I guess I just care too much. I care that my 8 and 9th grader have to do sports at midday. Its bloody hot, are they trying to kill the kids?? I care that the kids don’t enjoy hanging around school waiting to be picked up cos the schedule changed, I care that they don’t like the food and they come home starving. I care that  etc etc… Maybe I care too much…sigh…

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