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I’m sitting here at my comp, thinking about this post its makes me wonder if someone is stealing my shit.  I am sure they are! My writing style is just so creative, and and what? interesting?  Not to mention  the detailed research on various subjects … sooo… mmmmm… ammm deep? haha. Definately nothing worth stealing here.. or is there? Are you stealing something from my blog? please please tell me !!

Anyway, today is a lazy Sunday. Well, it is for the rest of the family… I baked, cooked and cleaned up ! Anyway…We’re still waiting for cold season to start! Its 25C in the morning and now, 17.25 its 32C.. so , no, this isn’t cold yet! Its perfect 🙂

And now a photo that has nothing to do with this post.. except maybe the word mess! haha

cables at the NightBazaar Chiang Mai

cables at the NightBazaar Chiang Mai

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