I haven’t seen an accident in traffic for a while.. that’s about 2 weeks. But today I was the first car to drive when the lights were green with about 6 motorbikes in front of me, scattered. I concentrated hard not to hit one.. then suddenly, this BIG motorbike, could have been a Harley Davidson not sure, shot out from the left. He was hoping to get past the traffic, even though his light was red. I heard him give gas, and while I’m trying not to hit a motorbike another bike hit him, and t the next minute he was lieing on the road. I pulled up ( NOT in the middle of the intersection) and opened the car door to help him. Someone was already there and had helped him off his feet and together they pulled the bike off the intersection, onto the other side of the road, which was about 3 lanes. So I went back to my car and drove on.  I was shaking. My Son13 watched the whole scene and was shaken too. Thank God the man on the bike was able to stand up and thank God I didn’t hit him… selfish but I”m still glad he didn’t drive into MY car!

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