Saturday and not baking lol

Its cold !! 18 C.. gosh when I read that it seems even colder! I’m glad its Saturday, even though I had to get up early to drive my Son13 to a chess tournament. He didn’t want me to stay and cheer him on.. just hurts a little bit .

Anyway, I have decided , officially, to never bake christmas cookies again! To be honest, I haven’t really EVER baked christmas cookies. Ok, I did in Switzerland, 10 years ago.. And I’ve tried here but I don’t enjoy it. My brownies and chocolate chip cookies are really good so I’ll stick to those. I know, the ultimate sin for a swiss mother. I know ALL my friends in CH bake cookies.. actually, I know someone in Germany who said 12 different sorts were the norm. Sigh.. oh the pressure. Sigh again, oh the joy to be free from traditions that make me angry haha

martini-glassesheres a toast to being FREEEEEE of making christmas cookies. Any other mums with me on this one? Anyone else brave enough to come out and be honest about this?? Anyone? just one other mum?

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