Some of my favorite blogs are blogs of young mums with their very young children. They have the cutest photos and quotes. Funny things the kids said etc. I can’t post pictures of my kids. They have asked me not to write about them,, OR post photos. I respect that. I do. I have two teenagers in the house and usually I really love having them around. They are ‘easy’ teenagers people tell me. HOw would I know, their the first ones  I’ve had!! haha  But there is one major loss that has come about without us really realising….We can’t send them to bed at 7.30pm, they are up later !! AND guess when they want to talk? yep. In the evening. A small shift that has tsunami like consequences.  ….sigh…. I miss the days when they were in bed EARLY !!!  Actually I miss the days when they couldn’t read as well 🙂

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