Missing Hippo in Chiang Mai

Don’t look now.. there is a pink Hippo on the road eating Som Tam. haha I know its not funny.  The Night Safari is trying to solve the mystery of a one month hippo that has gone missing. Apparently its twin died after being attacked by the mother.. maybe the missing one was eaten?
Hippos are disturbing creatures if you ask me…. more at BKK Post

Oh just in case you don’t know what a hippo looks like, because, like me, whenever you go to the zoo its soaking in muddy water.. here a picture 🙂


If you find one .. don’t call me .. I have no idea what to do. Gosh I hope I don’t find it! What do you do, hold him down, hit it on the head with a shovel? Give him candy? Yes candy would work.. he’s one month old.. Candy is always good for ANY creature one month old… hahaha

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