First Day of the year in Chiang Mai

Today, my hubby and I went on a little bike tour. I’ve been on my bike a couple of times lately, mainly because my kids are off school and going to the gym is just too time consuming ! Anyway, we went up past Rachapruek to a Wat Phrathat Doi Kham. So much fun !!

I rode most of the way but this part was just too steep !!


Driving down was soo much fun AND dangerous. In Chiang Mai you can’t just day dream as you ride, you have to be aware of so many things. Traffic because cars and motorbikes often drive on the wrong side of the road, we saw a dead cat and a ead dog on the road, not something you want to ride over with your bike. Probably most dangerous of all, pot holes in the road! I had to go on full brakes going down this mountain because of potholes… shame.. I had such a nice speed 🙂


A beautiful way to start the new year before we went home, cleaned up the house, did the dishes etc after our new year party last night ..

What did you do today??

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