Its hot today, you can’t see the sky for all the smog, at night the air is full of burning plastic and other nasty stuff, and of course the sound of loud loud karaoke. Noise pollution. Something I have never written about but yesterday I was with a friend who is really suffering because of the loud music. Every night there is a live concert near where he lives, no audience. Absolutely nobody listening. But LOUD music that makes the residential area a  very unpleasant place to live ! I really didn’t like all the rules and regulations in Switzerland but the lack of rules and regulations here aren’t so easy to cope with ether. OH not to mention some of the stories I heard in the last few weeks.Young boy prostitution, young girl prostitution,  parents who sell their kids so they can buy a car or a motorbike, parents make their 7 and 12 year old work in the fields instead of letting them go to school, HIV infected children who are dying cos no-one takes care of them, homeless 13 year old who has no where to go , a farang man who finds out his girlfriend has a couple of other boyfriends in Europe who is supporting them etc etc. This land of smiles is becoming more a land of tears. Makes me mad and sad and mad ….

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