Air pollution and some info Chiang Mai

I came down stairs this morning, opened the front door and almost started choking. The air was full of smoke and the smell of burnt plastic, paper and other indescribable smells. Today, if you ask me if Chiang Mai is a nice place to live, I’ll say no. And we’re still a couple of weeks away from rainy season..

Here’s an info we got from school…

Decisions for reducing exposure to air pollution will be based on individual student risk. Students at highest risk (including students with respiratory diseases, and sport and activities that require heavy exertion for extended periods of time) will be protected.

On days that pollution levels are ‘unhealthy for sensitive groups’ (101-150 µg/m3):

Kindergarten children will be allowed to be outside for the minimum amount of time. Snack time, play time and other outdoor activities will be curtailed.
For sports activities on the MBC, lessons and practices will be in enclosed areas. Outdoor practices will take place in the morning only, before pollution levels rise. Players will be rotated often and teachers will allow more breaks to keep physical exertion down, building skills versus endurance.

On days that air pollution levels are ‘unhealthy’ (150 + µg/m3), we will:

Limit all school activities to inside the classroom
The school can hand out face masks to protect students from exposure to pollution if they absolutely need to be outside.

Possible symptoms of exposure to air pollution:

Burning/ painful or red eyes
Vomiting or Nausea

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