Bangkok and tension…

I was in BKK for  5 days and wisely I listened to the advice of people and didn’t go ‘ down town’. It was  strange to hear about grenades and bombs 30 mins away from where we were. Strange because it seems FAR away.  I’m in Chiang Mai, and all is quiet in our mubahn. Its nice to be home, its nice the trees are turning green again and its nice to be with my family. If you want to know about the unrest and political situation , you’ve come to the wrong blog. Go and look somewhere else.

Do I worry about the political situation? YES, at times I feel the tension. I especially noticed that I DIDN’T feel it when I was in Singapore a few weeks ago. I guess we are resilient and life just goes on.  More people still die in traffic in Thailand than from political unrest. But more people are loosing money fast because of the political situation though…. makes life even harder for struggling businesses now that tourism is down again !  Just makes me so sad to see thai people who have worked so hard to loose so much. Just not fair !

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