Monday morning rant

So tell me, would it be bad if i stopped reading the news? I find it terribly depressing. You read about peoples lives, their stupid choices, the struggles they are going through, you read about war, volcanoes and plane crashes. There is nothing I can do.  Seriously, there IS nothing I want to do about it. I can’t give more money away we already help the poor , we can’t adopt children , I have enough to do with 3 kids, I can’t go on a relief mission because I want to be a good mum for my kids. So why watch the news? Its not really helpful to anyone. Ok,  I know I have to be informed whats going on in BKK. Its not the the Swiss Embassy would send us warning emails or updates like other Embassies do.So I need to be informed for me and my families sake. But beyond that, I don’t need to know. I hear enough stories from people I see face to face and seriously there are only so many sad stories someone can take. Besides, I’m just in a bad mood this morning.

Does anyone else feel like me? Do you sometimes choose NOT to watch the news?

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