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I don’t write about whats going on in Bangkok cos it seems there are plenty of people writing about it. It effects everyone though. It effects us in Chiang Mai too. Some residents are effected by local demonstrations but mainly we are effected ( I think) by the lack of tourism. My family and I went to the Night Bazaar on Sunday. No tourists. We knew everyone we met which were too expat families who live here. Apparently the Sunday market was deserted too.  We are effected because, for the 2nd time in 11 years we got an email from the Swiss embassy. They moved location out of the ”war zone’. Apparently visas for Thailand aren’t being issued at the moment, is that true?   I am not confronted with the political situation all the time but there is this unexpressed concern and tension. Lets just hope Chiang Mai stays violence free !!!

btw.. here another good blog I came across in case you are interested !!

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