Chiang Mai unrest…

From one hour to the next, things changed here in Chiang Mai! One road was blocked, and all the malls started shutting down around 4pm. Traffic in town was  nightmare. I had to take my kids to music lesson. I was soo nervous that I nearly turned around but the jam was even worse in the other direction so I just kept going. We made it back safely and didn’t see any demonstrations or road blocks. Just traffic traffic traffic!!.. Seems for now demonstrations were on the other side of  the town.

I’m exhausted. I worry. I’m angry at the decisions made , lack of action till it had to go violent.  How do you cope with something like this? its unpredictable and that makes it scary. I just want to stay home  which is exactly what we will do tomorrow. The schools have been cancelled due to the political situation. My kids are glad… its nerve wreaking for everyone !

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