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I feel land locked and would like to move… so I decided (once again) that it was time to move house. But, I am the only one who wants to move so we stay in the house we are in. The house is dark and my kitchen had no window. Yes, it depressed me. SO, we decided to get a big sliding door put in the living room and in the kitchen a window. We got some contractors, builders or what ever you call them. We explained everything. They planned to come they day my husband was out, and I had to go to a school parents meeting. Having explained everything, what we thought was really well,we let them get on with it. I came back two and a half hours later. They had knocked out part of the wall to put the window in. All fine, EXCEPT, the window was 30 cm above the floor. Above was a cupboard, which I had even emptied but it never occurred to the worker to take the cupboard down. Instead he would have put the window UNDER it. Again, I had to use my skills. What I wanted to say was…. well, you can guess 🙂 I calmed down and smiled and said..
-well.. its a bit low, don’t you think.
-yes, he replied, I didn’t know you could take the cupboard out
– yes I don’t think my husband would like that at all. He really wants to have a table and my husband would be very unhappy.
– I understand, maybe we could put it higher
– that would be a good idea. thank you so much for changing it.
– smile, no problem, no problem at all.
– thank you again

Later he asked me if he could throw the bricks and rubble he had knocked out, behind out house. This is very unusual. Normally they just throw all the rubbish behind the house. Again, I smiled and said,
-sorry, Khun P would NOT like it at all. He’d like a a pretty garden and wants to plant more things and he wouldn’t like all the rubbish out there. You could throw it over the wall ( a great brilliant idea I thought)
– oh I can’t do that
– well where will you put the rubble
– I’ll take it back to my house
– ok. that’s a good idea thank you
– no problem, no problem
What I wanted to say was … well you can guess.

All in Thai, ofcourse. What a hassle. I totally admire anyone who gets a house built here. I think I’d have a heart attack. We met an english couple who got a house built. Unfortunately he had to do his visa run so he wasn’t there when the foundations were laid for the house. But he had talked with the contractor and drawn a plan and had even been on the land to explain. When they returned the foundation had been laid, on the wrong side of the land. Not as far away from the other house as possible, but close, right next to the neighbours. How did they react? I don’t know, but I know it was too late to change anything.
BUT we are now proud owners of a new window and ”our” house looks great.

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