How do I know if I am a TCK?

Here is how you know if you are a Third Culture Kid!

-You can’t answer the question: "Where are you from?

-You speak two (or more) languages but can’t spell in any of them.

-You flew before you could walk. And you can’t believe that isn’t normal !

-You watch National Geographic specials and recognize someone. (ALONG THE SAME LINES: YOU RUN INTO SOMEONE YOU KNOW AT EVERY AIRPORT)

-You know all the important people in the country you live in.

-You speak with authority on the quality of airline travel.

-National Geographic (OR THE TRAVEL CHANNEL) makes you homesick.
Just look at those people.. that was the tribe where we grew up!!

-You live at school, work in the tropics, and go home for vacation.

-You sort your friends by continent.

-Someone brings up the name of a team, and you get the sport wrong.

-You know there is no such thing as an international language.

-You feel that multiple passports would be appropriate.

-You watch a movie set in a foreign country, and you know what the nationals are really saying into the camera.

-Rain on a tile patio – or a corrugated metal roof – is one of the most wonderful sounds in the world.

-You haggle with the checkout clerk for a lower price.

-Your wardrobe can only handle two seasons: wet and dry.

-Your high school memories include those days that school was cancelled due to tear gas, riots, demonstrations, or bomb threats.

-You go to Taco Bell and have to put five packets of hot sauce on your taco.

-You have a name in at least two different languages, and it’s not the same one.

-You think VISA is a document stamped in your passport, and not a plastic card you carry in your wallet.

-Your dorm room/apartment/living room looks a little like a museum with all the "exotic" things you have around.

-You won’t eat Uncle Ben’s rice because it doesn’t stick together.

-You go to Pizza Hut or Wendy’s and you wonder why there’s no chili sauce.

-You know the geography of the rest of the world, but you don’t know the geography of your own country.

(ps.. no I didn’t write this myself)

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