Thoughts on being an expat wife.

Does anyone know that most expat women are not enjoying their overseas experience as much as it seems? They under extremely lonely, manage being mother and father at the same time, they are  not appreciated, most lost their jobs when they chose to move overseas with their husbands  or they lost their jobs when they decided to have children, They’ve gone from being someone to being a no body. Usually the husbands find the local women a lot more attractive then their own wife . They go from being  attractive normal size woman  to being the fat foreigner. At home a S and here a XL. Not to mention they are usually taller than the average ‘local’ man and men don’t turn their heads when they walk past.

Many expat wives bored and painfully lonely. I know, I’ve been there. Now I’m the one who gets to hear the stories of what is going on behind the glamorous expat wifes life .

Why am I writing this? Because nobody else has.

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