Cooking Class in Chiang Mai

Today my brother and I joined  group of travelers, tourists…What fun. 12 people from all over,  France, Irland, Brasil etc. I met some fun people, and I would have loved to travel Asia with them….

Unfortunately I didn’t get to choose the dishes I wanted to learn.. wonder which school in town lets you do that? I think the Thai Cookery School was well organized and I especially enjoyed going to the market and being shown what to buy and some of the similar but different herbs. The school was clean and we got to eat every dish we cooked. My bro and I did a half day, which gave us time for 4 dishes. We got picked up at the hotel at 9.30 am and got back 2.45pm. That was enough cooking for one day. My kids got sandwiches this evening.. aww poor babies haha

Here some pics from the local market

One of the dishes I learned how to cook!  I can cook!! haha

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