What is a Third Culture Kid?

A third culture kid is someone who spent a couple of years in a country outside his own country. These are children of business men, missionaries, soldiers, sailors or adventure seekers who take their kids any where ! They become ‘culture blended’ people.
How much a person adapts to the ‘foreign’ culture depends on age and amount of exposure to the culture. Because a lot of TCKS move often they take on ways to survive. TCKS learn to be different and are forced to embrace being different. They are often strong independent people. Often they have a great ability to make decisions and to take over leadership.
A TCK will probably never change to a mono-cultural person. Even though I have seen people who take on a new culture or even there own, passport culture and totally deny their past. They try to become a mono-cultural person. Not sure how they succeed on the long run.
TCK are very open-minded people. They respect people from different cultures. TCKs have learnt that there is no ‘right or wrong’. Eg in one culture it is wrong to burp after a meal, in an other culture it is required to do so after each meal.
A TCK can never change back into a mono-cultural person. Parents of TCKs can return "home" to their country of origin, but the children, enriched by having shared life in their formative years with another people, will find characteristics of both cultures in their very being. Acceptance of this fact frees TCKs to be uniquely themselves. In fact, TCKs have tools to be the cultural brokers of the future.

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