Travelling by bus in Thailand

Sombat Tours has a bus that goes Chiang Mai- Hua Hin. One ticket on the VIP bus cost Baht 785. It goes around Bangkok and the trip takes 12 hours.We arrived at the bus stop half an hour early. My husband went and bought some food to eat on the bus, only to be told as soon as we got in , that no warm food is allowed to be eaten on the bus… so we had to wait till 1am to eat our dinner. So glad the kids are older! No one complained, well, I did cos I was HUNGRY haha. I appreciate the rule, keeps the bus from smelling really bad. As soon as the bus started driving the hostess brought us some prepacked refreshment towels, packed juice and a little snack box. Very nice. The seats are surprisingly comfortable. The back goes down further than on a plane which is nice.   On our way down we had a very steady driver and the ride  smooth. The two drivers alternated driving. I think they changed after the 1am stop and later I saw they have a little place to sleep in the bottom floor. I totally enjoyed the fact that the roads didn’t have lights between Lampang and Lampun and a bit further down, so I got to see the beautiful sky full of stars.

I know a lot of people are worried about traveling by bus because there have been many accidents world wide, but I can truly recommend it here in Thailand. I felt safe, the buses are in great conditions . Its not the first time we travel by bus and it won’t be the last.

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