Raising children in Chiang Mai

Being a kid AND being raised in Thailand as a foreigner is a challenge.  Apparently the turnover of international schools is about 30% every year.  For alot of kids the most worrying thing about moving is ” will I make friends”. Another difficulty is finding hobbies. A girl I know just moved to Chiang Mai and she is really struggling. At 13 life can be very difficult but add a move, to a different country it becomes almost too much to cope with. Friends have been left behind, houses, family and hobbies. There are alot of things to do in Chiang Mai if you have the money. Music lessons, horse-riding and art lessons costs as much if not more as in Europe. Not all families have alot of cash ( what? farang aren’t rich??) so it hits the children quite hard.
What am I saying? Listen to your kids and try to give them alot of things they like doing so that living in Thailand doesn’t become something they hate but a wonderful enriching experience. 

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