Buying Tamiflu at Boots

I was at Boots yesterday and asked for Tamiflu. The pharmacist had NO IDEA what I was asking for. It wasn’t the language only. When I tried to explain (in english) it was to treat bird flu I could tell she had stopped listening. Stupidly but not very uncommon,  I couldn’t remember the thai name for it.. arrrgggh. In thai the words fever and chicken and egg all sound pretty similar and I  know Thai well enough that  instead of  getting the tone wrong it’s better to shut up!
But Tamiflu is the same word in english and thai. So she looked it up and said that I need a doctors prescription for it. For ALL anti-viral pills she said. I smiled and said thank-you very much, payed and left.
At least I know that Boots MIGHT order it.. very helpful !!!!

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