moving continents

My friends are getting tired of hearing me talk about moving. But believe me, moving a family of 5 across continents is a huge endeavor ! We are trying.. I say T R Y I N G to move as little as possible. So many things have sentimental value.. so we go through things, and go through them again.

When I was 16 I moved continents, my parents did the packing while I was still in boarding school.  I miss things I had growing up.. a parent never knows what is precious to the children. I let my kids pick what they want to take or leave. Sometimes, the scrap paper I want to trash has more worth then say, toy cars.

One advantage of not leaving in a rush is that we have time to do this. One disadvantage of not leaving in a rush is that we have time. We have been leaving for over a year……ARRRRRRRGHHHHH

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