Cold in Chiang Mai

This post might sound unbelievable to people in Europe, but its 12 degrees C here in Chiang Mai this morning and we are f******freezing ! We can’t shut the windows properly and there is a draft…lets hope it isn’t going to get much colder or I’ll have to buy a heater. ( no way will I buy a heater.. We live in THAILAND where its WARM. Maybe I should stop living in denial and admit that it DOES get cold here as well. ) Its nice to know that by lunch time the temp will be back up to 29 C .. but thats not for a couple of hours. And then tonight at 6 pm the sun will set.. and the freezing will start over. The thing is, we forget how to keep warm. We wear pullovers and jeans but forget to wear socks in our flip flops. Oh, thats right.. how about buying warmer shoes. Does that mean we should wear socks IN the house to keep warm?? .. hmmmm what a good idea … Maybe we could all use hot water bottles in our beds…. maybe I’ll survive this cold season after all.
I’ll just have to go climbing alot.. the weather is perfect for any outdoor sports. Promise, not everyone ends up on the ER 🙂 ( see accident in the jungle post…)

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