I feel sick….

My head cold is getting worse and worse. After a sore throat, coughing I now am completely congested. I can’t breath. Literally.  My glands are swollen and my whole body hurts.
My heart hurts too, which doesn’t help…. My best friend went back to the states this summer and now her husband is back in town packing up. They aren’t coming back because they feel its time to settle back at home with their 3 children. I understand but why can’t someoneelses friend decided not to come back?
Crying doesn’t help when you already have a blocked nose. But now that I’m in bed I might as well cry and feel miserable…
Thats what I HATE about living overseas. so many people leave. Ofcourse meeting new people is great and its exciting but one day I’ll have to say good bye to those new people as well. One day I’ll be at the airport with a box of Kleenex saying goodbye and knowing we will probably never meet again… awful.

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