Christmas depression?!

Do you suffer from ‘Christmas Depression’?
Here is a list of the most common symptoms of depression taken from this website. As a general rule, if you have experienced four or more of these symptoms, for most of the day nearly every day, for over two weeks, then you should seek help.

-Tiredness and loss of energy
-Persistent sadness
-Loss of self-confidence and self-esteem
-Difficulty concentrating
-Not being able to enjoy things that are usually pleasurable or interesting
-Undue feelings of guilt or worthlessness
-Feelings of helplessness and hopelessness
-Sleeping problems – difficulties in getting off to sleep or waking up much earlier than      usual
-Avoiding other people, sometimes even your close friends
-Finding it hard to function at work/college/school
-Loss of appetite
-Loss of sex drive and/ or sexual problems
-Physical aches and pains
-Thinking about suicide and death

Hmmmmmmmmmmm maybe I should seek help.
”HELP where ARE you??”

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