Christmas flower

I bought these flowers in front of Lotus Tesco yesterday. A real christmas flower and unlike Climber (new name for my husband) I like them. When I got home I just droped them out the front of the house . When I took this photo I thought it was a good picture of christmas here. Depending where you look, you could totally miss christmas. Sure, every shop and super market plays christmas carols. I don’t like it but if they didn’t play them I know I would miss it 🙂
Today I have to go and buy the gifts for our kids. No rush.. still got time till the 24th December 8pm.. thats when Airport Plaza closes. The shops and the cinemas will be open ALL christmas and ALL new year. Nice. I just love living here !!

btw.. yesterday my Son5 finally went back to Kindergarten, after being home for 2 weeks. Oh I enjoyed the freedom!!! I went to the gym and now I’m all sore.. 2 weeks of not working out is not good.

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