Tsunami rememberance day.

Today a year ago I watched with horror what had happened in Phuket, in Thailand. The country we were living in. The BBC-pictures repeated themselves. My first reaction was to go and help. Yes, I’m a nurse and as a friend said, nurses all have a ‘helfersyndrom’. Literally translated a ‘helping syndrome’.
WHATEVER, I couldn’t go down till the 1st of January. The aircraft that took us from Chiang Mai to Phuket was the emptiest I’ve ever been in.
As you can read in my other posts, we went and helped at Wat Ban Muang. One of hundreds of volunteers. I didn’t invest alot of time. I just gave the little time that I had.
Following the Tsunami we got thousands of Swiss Francs donated for victims in Thailand. The money went to different place, member-care center, an orphanage, new boats and building materials.
So many people let their hearts be moved with compassion for the Tsunami Victims. Lets not let our hearts and emotions get hardened to other peoples suffering.

Here is a great article about a man who helped identify the dead in Khau Lak. http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/uk/4525934.stm
Sounds alot like where I was.

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