Medication cocktail

Vercef Syrup (antibiotics)
Rinathiol Syrup
Salbutmo Syrup
Dimetapp elixir Syrup

This is what my Son5 has to take. He’s got bronchitis again. My daughter11 is on Antibiotics as well.
A friend from Switzerland said, why are you sick? It doesn’t get cold in Thailand. I guess she forgot that most of the flu actually originate in Asia. Secondly, flu germs get transmitted, no not through cold weather, but through large respiratory droplets. ”Direct contact with respiratory droplets or secretions, followed by touching the nose or mouth” As I read, children maybe infectious for up to 10 days and young children can shed virus for up to 5 days BEFORE their illness onset.
Thats why my kids keep getting sick. I’m so angry at the parents who send their kids to school with a fever and cough. Only yesterday a mum told me that she sent her daughter to school with a fever and she smiled and shrugged it off.
Please, keep your sick kids home and give mine a chance to get well  !!!!

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