Weekend in Chiang Mai

I just love living in an international community. On Friday night we went to ‘The Pub’ with our Irish friends. Everyone who wanted to, took their instrument along and together we made music. It was fun and we are going to make this a regular thing ! On Saturday night I went out with Mr. D… took him to some cool places in town with live music…  Missed Miss. S and Khun Ch 🙂 though ! And everyone from ‘changing faces’  ofcourse….
Yesterday I made music in church for the first time … haven’t been that nervous in months… and was sure all those lovely Christians would shoot me.. but I’m still here 🙂 it went ok….
Its Monday morning and I can’t see the sky. Is it cloudy? no!! there is sooo much smog. Horrible horrible horrible !! All three of my children are coughing. This is their last week of school and then they get a long break. Hope they all recover, its really wearing them down and everyone is easily angered. A holiday is what we need !

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