About my Son9

10 years ago I was pregnant with my son. I did the usual pregnancy tests. One test was to see if I had Rubella. My blood results came back and it showed that I had Rubella. My doctor explained that with these results the chances that my baby would be ether deaf or blind or both was really high. He asked me if I wanted to keep the baby. Of-course I wanted to keep the baby!  He was born 10 days after the due date, sick because of a difficult birth but otherwise healthy. Today he’s the best in his class, he got a ‘Ehrenurkunde from the Bundesjugendspiele’ (honory sports reward ). The best of  ‘Grundschule’ (Grade1-4. ) He is kind, has good friends and everyone loves him.
Lately I often look at my Son9 and I’m moved, sometimes to tears.
Imagine if I would have aborted him……

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