The Great Brahma Statue…

…in  Krungthep Maha Nakorn ( or Bangkok) was smashed to pieces a few days ago. The Phra Phrom or The Brahma God is revered by all Thai Buddhists and for many people has been a central place of worship. The desecration of this Statue is similar to what the Taliban did in destroying the ancient Buddha’s in Afghanistan. Its a terrible loss for Thai Buddists.
The man who did this was punished right on the spot. He got beaten to death.  Apparently the vandaliser was mad or mentally ill.  ( will be hard to find out now that he is dead)

Talking about murder, in Afghanistan Rahman who became a Christian a while ago, is being charged with death penalty.  By Islamic, Muslims who convert to another faith and refuse to return to Islam, may be put to death.  He too is being called a mad man and if found to be mentally unfit, Islam would have ‘no claim to punish him’ and charged would be dropped.
I really hope that  he will be set free and there another step will be taken towards religious freedom in Afghanistan.
What strikes me, not an incredibly deep thought but both men are called mad….

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