Renewing my drivers licence…

Thats on my top priority list this morning. I’ve already driven around for the right papers and still don’t have them all. Going to the office where you get a drivers licence is quite intimidating. Unfortunately I had to go alone.. and all the signs are in Thai. I can read but like a Kindergarten kid so I get as far as the welcome sign and then I’m too lazy to read more.Anyway, I’m a big girl so I figured it out. Here’s what I found out….

Here a exact copy of what I need to get to renew my Thai drivers licence for 5 years.

1. Non-Immigrant visa extensions and Passport and last entry (copy and original)
2.Residence certificate from Embassy, Consulate, Immigration office. Work Permit or Residence Book (yellow-book) (copy and original)
3. Two photos (size 1 inch x1 inch)not glossy (taken within 6 months)
4. Thai driver’s license
5. Fee (car) 505Baht (motorcycle)255Baht for 5 years
*change address 50 Baht

Ok, so I then went to immigration to get my residence certificate and got this paper…

Guarantee of Residence
Required documents

1.1.5”x2” colour photos, 2 per letter of guarantee
2.Passport with copies of picture page, most recent entry stamp, visa, extension limit and arrival/departure card (TM card) All copies must have the signature of the alien.
3…. crossed out
4.Evidence of notification of place of residence to the Chiang Mai Immigration Office. (TM.28)
5.A copy of the house registration of the house the alien rents, signed by the owner of the house, or the rental contract for the house the alien rents with a copy signed by the alien

(not on note.. I need a photo copy of the owners ID card, signed.)
please note: the alien must sign the letter of guarantee in the presence of the immigration officer)

There is no charge of issuing a letter of guarantee of residence.

Oh help!!!!Can’t I just drive without a licence and bribe the police when I get caught? NO I’m a law abiding person… so I’ll just have to get those papers in order. Can’t be that hard, surely. Oh I wish I were still at the beach…..

My mood.

I’m an alien
I’m an alien
I’m a A L I E N
btw…Alien in german is Fremder, Fremdling , Ausserirdischer.

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