Aung San Suu Kyi

Is a pro-democracy leader for Democratic Party in Burma. She has spent the last three years in house-arrest. The only people she is permitted to see are her maid and her doctor.
Wrong, she has spent 10 out of the past 17 years in some form of detention under Burma’s military regime.
Today her house arrest expired and after UN Secretary General Kofi Annan appealed to the head of Burmas Military Junta last Friday, to free Ms. Suu Kyi. Her supporters were hopeful that today, finally she would be freed.
This was not the case. This is a sad day for Mr. Suu Kyi. Nobody knows how long her arrest will be extended for.
She is an amazing woman and personally I find her inspiration, to fight and stand up for freedom. Please read more about her on the Profile on BBC News. To give you a better idea of who this lady is. Or check this webpage, Peace Jam.

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