To do list this week…

We are leaving in 7 days for Switzerland …What has to get done? I’m sure you aren’t really interested but there isn’t anything else I want to write about… Oh yes there is, Doris, the party list night was fun.It was the first time I played one of my own songs in public. I nearly died but everyone was so nice and encouraging I might do it again !! ( yes, my life is party, party party ha ha )

– Re-entry Permits from Immigration for each person in our family
– Try and get an International drivers licence
– Finish DVD with photos about our life here
– Buy my kids some new clothes..
– Buy Game-boy for Son6 for long flight
– Go to nightbazaar with shopping list from friends and family….
– Wrap gifts
– Finish off things at the office
– Buy daughter a new backpack for flight
– Buy a book to read on the flight
– New glasses….
– Read ‘Culture Shock Switzerland’ book 🙂
– Get car fixed… no not the wipers this time, the rear mirror,
– Bring dog to the dogcare place
– Prepare something interesting to say about my life here.. ( party party won’t do…)
– Clean up house for our friend who will live here
– Tidy tidy tidy tidy the house !!!

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