Elephants in Chiang Mai, again

Yes, they are cute but does an elephant belong in a city?? NOO.
I wrote a post about how nice it was to see an elephant in Chiang Mai. Well, it wasn’t in the center of Chiang Mai and it was the first time in months that we saw one, so we were quite excited. Unfortunately I’ve seen an elephant everyday this week. There are more than one in town. Its really sad. I saw one older elephant who was had a horrible nervous twitch in his eye and his eyes had tears in them. Its so hard on them to be in the traffic, on the hard pavement and far from the jungle. I understand the mahouts want to earn more money but surely there is a better way ! I’m not sure if not feeding the elephant helps prevent the mahout from coming into town with his elephant. There isn’t always a ‘simple’ solution like that, but we can go to the elephant camps all around Chiang Mai and like that support the good things that are being done for them. My Son9 totally understood when we didn’t want stop again and agreed that elephants belong in the jungle.

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