Living in Transition

… thats what I don’t want to do. Tonight I really don’t want to go back to Switzerland… even for 6 weeks. Does that make me a bad person? I’ve just got a good thing going on in ‘my’ band and its seems we might even manage to play a whole song and then do some gigs. But I won’t be here !…..anyway. The otherside of it is, I love traveling. I love getting out my ticket and passport. I love the fact that this time next week I’ll be in the land of swatch, chocolate and football fever. I love the fact that I will see my family and friends again. See how much their children have grown and see how fat they have become hahaha.
I’m worried because I don’t transition very well. When I arrive in Switzerland, I will want to be in Thailand, I’ll talk about it all the time and annoy everyone . When I come back, I’ll cry because I had to leave Switzerland and will annoy all my friends here about ‘how we do things in Switzerland’. Oh well.. be warned friends, be warned 🙂 But in both countries it will be WONDERFUL because I have friends who will be happy to see me come and some probably to see me go hahaha

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