Legoland Günzberg

The rides were great fun and some of the them like this one, perfect on a hot summer day!

This is quite a ‘simple’ ride and our daughter11 sort of forced us to go on it. Wow did we spin. It was fantastic 🙂 I didn’t care abit about what other people thought about my screaming lol

There were so many rides we didn’t get to try them all. In fact we didn’t even see all the diffrent parts of Legoland.
The tent with Lego on sale was great to look at as well. Everywhere there were stalls with ice-creme, drinks and food to buy. So no fear of starving 🙂
There were loads of little details that were easy to miss. I’m sure I could go a second time and not be bored. Here is a miniture Lucern. Its all out of Lego..

We had an amazing day. It was worth every single Euro 🙂

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