Bern is beautiful

Bärn Bärn ig ha di gärn.. (Bern Bern I love you… )
Yes, we are staying in this beautiful city now. We can use an appartment of friends who graciously left it to us to use, while they are on holiday. The appartment comes with a great view over some roof tops, rooms filled with kids toys, a dishwasher and great neighbours, my little brother and his family 🙂
I could totally imagine living here. This morning we went to the Rosengarten and my husband played chess with the kids as I lay on a bench and remembered days gone by.I used to go there when my daughter was 2 and my son a baby. Sometimes I met a friend there and we’d chat while our kids played in the sandpit, sometimes I went alone and just talked with whoever was there. My children are older but the park still looks exactly the same. The view over the old part of Bern is still beautiful.

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