Chiang Mai flood warnings 06

I received an email this morning concerning the floods. I’m not worried about our house, but I am worried for our neighbours near the river who will flood AGAIN.( if you are interested read about last year here )

Go to (This is a government site, and it is in Thai — also has some labels in English.)
The second ‘tab’ on the menu bar to the left (you may notice this flashing in red) will take you to the hourly reading which reports 2 pcs. of information for two sites along the river.  Site P.67 is 6-7 hours north of Chiangmai.  P.1 is in Chiangmai.  The 2 pcs. of information are (1) River Level and (2) River Flow-Volume cubic-meter of water per second.
For the 31st of July 2006 at 11 p.m., the level of the Ping River was recorded at: 3.46 meters and was still rising at that time
(River Flow-Volume was at 422 cubic meters/sec).
According to last year’s message, if you were to also look at the map found on what is now the 7th menu tab (left) [and then click on map to expand] you would find the following information.  (Please note:  the following are 2005 data and may not be current since government repairs to the river.)
Nong Hoi (near the Sheraton Hotel) floods at about 3.90 meters.
ChangKlan (near river) floods at 4.00
Kawalee Camp floods at 4.10
Nong Hoi (greater) goes down under at 4.20
Night Bazaar &Chiang Mai Land sees water at 4.30
and finally,
the rest of us that were affected start seeing water after 4.60
(someone mentioned that our last flood peaked out at 4.90!)

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