Jet- lag

Jet Lag is a big topic at the moment. Our neighbors who returned from Europe have it, my brother and his family who were in Thailand for a short vacation  don’t have it, my husband and I are both jet lagged, our kids go to bed later than usual but sleep all night and seem to have an endless amount of energy !!
So why do some have it, and some don’t seem effected at all?

Jet lag is caused when your normal sleeping patterns are disrupted. Seeing our body is made for a day and night rhythm, dark and light. Because of shifting through various time-zones our body clock gets thrown out of rhythm.
Jet lag causes various symptoms like feeling lethargic, tired and weary. Sometime, fatigue, stomachaches, headaches, irritability and decreased awareness.
The dry air on the airplane, the vibrations, noise, pressurization  and cramped environment can cause more jet-lag.
I’ve had a couple of discussions with various people as to when their jet-lag is worst. Flying to Europe (westwards) or from Europe (Eastwards). Usually its Eastwards which  people find harder.

So can Jet-lag be avoided? maybe….here are some helpful tips.

– Avoid stress prior to departure.
– Get enough exercise before  departure
– Get alot a good nights sleep prior to departure.
– Drink plenty of non alcoholic fluids. Water, water and more water. Dehydration is caused by the dry air in the aircraft. Dehydration can cause you to feel tired, irritable and itchy just to mention a few.
– Try to get rest during your flight. Blindfolds, earplugs, neck-rest etc are all useful to help you relax.
– If you have long stopovers, take a shower if possible. It gets the circulation going and freshens you up.
– Try to adjust to the time of your arrival country as quickly as possible.  e.g. resist the urge to sleep till 2 p.m. and then expect to sleep again at 10 p.m.
– There are various anti jet-lag pills and diets. I don’t even feel like looking into that as personally, its not an option.
– A glass of wine in the evening at your destination can help you relax.

Thats all great advice but hello, we travel with 3 children. Putting on blindfolds, earplugs etc isn’t really an option. Every-time a child has to go the bathroom, eat or find something to do, I have to be available. Not to mention when I was breast-feeding.. or when we travelled with toddlers. No rest for parents then. You just go with the flow and do what you have to do.

I don’t do long distance flights very often. But I think that returning to Thailand is harder for me because of the emotional ”stress” that comes with it. Farewells are hard and the separation will be long. I’m more aware of what I’m missing out and after living overseas for a couple of years the ”honeymoon” phase is definitely over.
So.. .. at the end of this post and this being our forth day after a long distance flight I have to say that I’m still jet-lagged and find it hard to sleep before 2 am. I’m weary to the bones and I don-t want to see anyone. Yes I did drink alot, I tried to rest etc etc. But there doesn’t seem to be an easy answer. Or do you have one???


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