School starts again

The CDSC started a week later than all the other international schools. So everyone has meet their new and ‘old’ teachers, old and new classmates. Its been quite emotional. My youngest is in 1st grade now.
Do you remember your first day of school? I remember going to a local school in PNG-Papua New Guinea and being the only white kid. A year later I remember meeting my first grade teacher Mrs. Blinks at Tari Internation School . I loved her. I always enjoyed going to school but the language changes from English to German made it hard. Boarding school really made going to school hard. .. I hated it and hated learning German and French….. sigh….But I loved primary school. I always had good friends and we had some awesome fights. Let the kids fight.. it gets much more complicated when you are older right? 🙂
And now, I’ll enjoy a few hours for myself before the children come home at lunch time. YIPPPEEEE.

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