Protect your children..

The John Mark Karr and  Natasha Kamusch ‘cases’ are awful and disturbing aren’t they?
 I thought I’d quickly look up on the internet how to protect my chidren and see if there is anything I’m doing which is dumb. I don’t want to become paranoid and controlling. We have to let our kids have some freedom,  BUT there are some helpful tips to help both the child and parent feel safer. Here are some  I got from this webpage.
Teach young children to…

    •    Recognize the difference between strangers and trusted adults. If a stranger approaches them and asks them to do something that is wrong, teach them to say "No!" and go tell a trusted adult about the stranger.
    •    Kick, scream and bite if a strangers tries to force them into a car. They should yell repeatedly that they’re being kidnapped so that passers-by don’t mistake their actions for a tantrum.
    •    Never answer the door if alone. If they are alone and they answer the phone, they should not admit to being alone or give any information like their name or address.
    •    Not invite anyone in the house without your permission. Also, they should not go into someone else’s house without telling you where they are.
    •    Never get into someone’s car without your permission. Establish rigid procedures if your child is to be picked up from school or from a friend’s house by someone else. Establish a code word and give this code word only to individuals you’ve made arrangements with to pick up your child.
    •    Not accept candy or gifts from or agree to go see a puppy or other animal with a stranger. Also, instruct them to tell you if someone has asked them to keep a secret from you.
    •    Recognize isolated locations and avoid playing there. Never wander away from the yard without letting you know where they are going.
    •    Come straight home from school unless other arrangements have been made. Whenever possible, walk with other children. Children who are alone are most frequently the targets of abduction.
    •    Move away from any car that pulls up next to them if the driver is not known. Report anyone who exposes themselves.

There is more good advice you can get on this webpage.

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