How would u like to be called fat ??

There are rude people all over the world, I know but they don’t have to be rude to me !!! I went to get a take away for my family. This lady at a little food-stall makes the best food ever ! She’s always very friendly but I don’t know whats wrong with her husband. Firstly he never greets. I know, thai people don’t usually smile and say hello when you want to order food. You order, and wait for your food and leave . So this guy didn’t say anything as usual but suddenly, when I was heading for my car, he says "uan” which means fat in thai. I pointed at me and said, what me? he said yes yes ”uan”. Freak.  Was that his perverted way of flirting? Or is he maybe a hill-tribe person in disguise who thinks he’s giving me a compliment ? Next time I’m going to say, yes fat but at least I’m pretty. (but really I’m NOT fat, thai women are just super super slim and small.)

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