In Chiang Mai its raining, raining

… AND raining. Since last night the river has risen, many parts of the south part of Chiang Mai is flooded. Many parts of the road are partially flooded which makes driving… well.. a l i t t l e bit difficult. Many local floods are mainly due to bad if any drainage. Grace International School was closed for the day because its difficult to get into that mubahn. I just came back from Baan Wang Tan and could barely drive out of the mubahn because the water was so high. How much water can my car take? Well, for a minute there I thought my car would stall but it didn’t.. I made it home safely. Our house is dry and the river isn’t flooding. The people responsible for the dams up north must be doing something right that it hasn’t flooded yet! But, if it keeps raining and pouring like this we should be in for more floods tomorrow.

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