To travel or not to travel to Thailand

People email me to ask if they should cancel their trip to Thailand. Wow, makes me feel very important. lol
I know some countries (e.g. Australia) are not encouraging their people to travel to Thailand… Travellers are insecure and worried. I totally understand. Who wants to travel to a country which just had a coup. So far there has been no bloodshed. I don’t have ability to predict if it will stay like that or not. Thai people want democracy and to live a peaceful life. ( who doesn’t)
It might be wise not to go to the southern provinces, like Yala, Hat Yai and Songkhla because of the ”unrest”. (insurgents, terrorist attacks whatever you choose to call them, But that doesn’t have anything to do with the coup )
In Chiang Mai, there are more soldiers around, less freedom of speech and many questions of
who will get elected,  what happens if
the majority doesn’t like the person the military has put in place to
be PM.. etc etc

For me, a little expat mother, life goes on as usual. School, sick children, shopping, answering emails, homework, cooking and lack of time to go to get a new haircut 🙂

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