Fast Cars and Boys

My Sons play this game on the PS2 called ‘Need for Speed’. Their friends who live in the neighborhood play it as well. So, the big theme is cars. Fast cars. I’ve never really noticed cars. They are usually black or red, but I never notice the brand. Well, things have changed. I’m learning what a Porsche 911-Turbo or a Lambourghini looks like. About a week ago my Son6 saw a magazine at Asia Books that he really wants. So we went back the other day and I bought it for him. The first car magazine I’ve even looked at, let alone bought. Big moment. The magazine has lots of cars and totally interesting details in it.. like " how to get more than 190 horsepower from your U.S-spec Lotus..." WHAT??!!!!
For those who are interested I bought… ”Sports Car. International, September 2006".

Current Mood.. very pleased with myself for being so open minded and willing to learn about fast cars lol. But now, back to that red hand bag…. hahaha

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