Bookshops in Chiang Mai

To my absolute great delight, B2S.. or ”Back 2 School” has opened a new shop in Airport Plaza. It has quite a big section of books in thai AND english, childrens books, good selection of books about cars, art, cooking, building etc etc and ofcourse the usual stationary stuff and DVDs. My Son6 and I love going there. I had to do a secret little dance of joy when I found out about it. I LOVE bookshops. Ofcourse I’ll stay faithful to the Backstreet Bookshop near Thapae Gate.. but is nice to LOOK for new books and just browse
Otherwise.. I’ve been sort of busy. Quite a number of people around me are lonely or need to be in safe place for while so I spend time with them, talk with them and sometimes even cook a meal for them. Two friends have nick named me Big Mama.. not sure if I like that but they assure me its ment kindly 🙂

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