Zidane in Chiang Mai..

256-thailand_soccer_zidanesffembeddedprod_affiliate42.jpgA friend showed me a picture of himself and Zidane last Thursday…. I responded appropriately with lots of uuu’s and ahhhhh’s. Then on Sunday another friend invited me to go with her to the 700 year stadium, eat a picnic and wait to see Zidane play. Unfortunately my Son10 was so unwell we couldn’t go. But I got an sms later that day…”Lillian it was great to see you this morning, hope Son10 is better soon. Be glad you didn’t go to the soccer thing today. It was badly organized and everything was super late. Sorry I was so tired this morning”.   :-) 
(Apparently the  live match was planned for 4 pm.. but the info people had was 1.30 pm..) Whatever…..  Read here what ‘The Nation‘ or ‘Center Daily‘. Just to remind everyone, incase you could possibly forget,  Zidane headbutted an opponent during the World Cup final with Italy and ended his career with a red card.

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